Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Why Liquid Explosive Detection Is So Very Important

In a world that is post 9/11 it has become so very important to understand our enemy and understand how they may try and attack us in the future. With all of the covert options available to our enemies it is a wonder that we have not sustained another attack with a basis in some kind of underground operation. There has been a great deal of coverage in the news lately about terrorist groups being broken up by the American authorities and as the terrorists’ capabilities become more complex the effort to stop them before they kill more innocent victims also becomes more complex and intense.

In any war prior to the current war on terror, with the exception of the Viet Nam war, it was a little bit easier to see who your enemy was. Your enemy wore the uniform of their country’s military and that is what our military used to determine who was a target and who was not a target. But in this war we cannot as easily determine who the enemy is just by the clothes they wear. In many cases our allies are wearing the exact same kind of clothing that our enemies are wearing. Sometimes our enemy winds up wearing clothes that allow them to fit in to our own society. Detecting an enemy like this can be an unbelievable challenge and one of the newest weapons the enemy is starting to deploy is liquid explosives. Liquid explosive detection becomes critical these days to stop terrorist from carrying out their plots and plans that would only prove to do harm to innocent people all over the world.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Explosive Detection Tips Used By Police

Human lives are considered to be the most important thing in the world. You cannot compare it with anything neither it can be bought with money. The first target of any country is to protect their citizens from any kind of danger that may fall on them. Since technology has made its way to the top and has taken control of our problems it has also introduced us with horrifying consequences. The rapid development in the field of weapons and military hardware more and more danger is likely to be faced by human race. Many people justify weapon technology as a way of self defense but power and authority can really get to a person and make him do things that are unfair. Since bombs, guns etc were invented explosive detection kits also kicked in the market for police use.

The more we are making rapid development in science and technology the more risk we are taking in either bettering our lives or making them worst and complicated. Where technology has brought us many conveniences and facilities it has also opened up the door to war and bloodshed. Where technology is developing in making new cars and gadgets, science is discovering new things every day development in military hardware has become one of the biggest threat to the entire world. Ones who have them may be able to abuse their power and authority while who don’t live a life of dangerously and uncertainty. Apart from guns, explosives and bombs is a threat that every country is facing these days either due to suicide bombers or their own sold out citizens. Due to these circumstances it was felt the need of coming up with things that can also control and stop these explosives.

Explosive detection kits were introduced which are mostly provided to police, FBI, CIA and fire department but small explosive detection kits are available for public as well to keep themselves safe and sure to no harm will fall upon them. Explosive detection tips are told in conferences and seminars to make public awareness for explosives and bombs. These tips are mainly pure common sense and techniques that are taught to the police for their own safety. The basic tip taught to the public and citizens is to call 911 if any suspicious activity is seen. Secondly warning others and keeping a safe distance to an area where there is a bomb threat is common sense as many people act curious and want to see and know more and stay around which is very unsafe.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Explosive Detection Spray

If you are planning to purchase an explosive detection spray, do not look for it on the shelf of a traditional, brick and mortar store. A can of detection spray is generally part of a larger kit. Information about that kit and about each can of detection spray has been posted on a website, a website that targets Internet users. Most of those Internet viewers are people who have taken an interest in all issues relating to security. The same website usually offers cases for carrying the detection spray, as well as tools that can be used for demonstrating the spray’s accuracy.

A kit with explosive detection spray becomes a useful tool in the hands of security personnel. At an airport, screeners can use an explosive detection spray to check for explosive elements in luggage or cargo. Health personnel put their faith in the readings obtained with a detection spray, during the “clean-up” of a site that has been exposed to hazardous materials.

Expray Explosive Dtection Kit

The need for an explosive detection spray becomes apparent both before and after an unscheduled or scheduled blast. That spray assists with detection of explosives. It also aids investigators, as they look for the cause of a damaging explosion. When the cause is known, a detection spray can determine the extent to which explosive elements have penetrated the area surrounding the explosion’s “ground zero.”

Each can of explosive detection spray contain spray-on polymers, polymers that can adhere to explosive elements. That spray allows for detection of an explosive residue or bomb-making element. It can stick to a substance that contains only one trillionth of a gram of the potentially deadly chemical. Explosive detection spray helps security personnel to locate both nitrogen based and plastic explosives.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Methods Of Explosive Detection

If you have ever wondered how explosive detection works then read on and I will let you know all about it. There are several different methods that are used to detect bombs and other explosives, some of them high tech others not so much. In each of the different methods however there are specific tools and tricks that officers and agents use to find and hopefully remove explosives. By combining all of these methods the agents and officers are able to detect every kind of known explosive making things safer for all of us. Read below to see just how they do it.

Example of IMS censor
The first thing that agents will use are specially trained dogs. These dogs are extremely sensitive tot scents and the can be incredibly effective. However the dog needs to be motivated to search and they can become less effective if the animal becomes disinterested in the work. Usually the dogs are very good at identifying the scents of several common explosive materials and will notify the handler when they detect these smells. When the dog does detect a smell it will indicate a “hit” with a passive response.

One of the newer and more revolutionary detection methods involving animals is the honey bee method. This method uses bees with advanced computer software to monitor the bees for a reaction. These bees can work for 2 days, after which they need to be returned to their hive. This method is not completely proven to be effective as of yet, but does show incredible promise.

The most common method of explosion detection outside of animals is mechanical scent detection. This method uses machines to detect trace signatures of different explosive materials. This is most commonly seen in US airports using Ion Mobility Spectrometry or IMS.